Leeland (music)

Artist      Leeland
Album    Sound of Melodies 2006
Song      Too Much

I find them on Pandora.com on my Kim Walker station. They are a little of everything worship, folk, contemporary rock. This song below is from there 2006 album “Sound of Melodies”. Leeland does have 2011 album “The Great Awakening” with a few different members. Lead singer Leeland Mooring; brother, Jack Mooring on keys, and drummer Mike Smith – along with new member (and Moorings’ younger sister and bassist) Shelly Mooring, who replaced the band’s original bass player, Jake Holtz. Holtz, the Mooring’s cousin, left the band to serve in the U.S. Army. If you enjoy The David Crowder Band, Switchfoot, Phil Wickham or Tenth Avenue North, you are going to enjoy Leeland. You can find them on itunes. -tsuLife Author

Too Much Lyrics

All these places I have been
All these faces I have seen
Too much, too much
All these bricks and all these stones
Have all been cast, they’ve all been thrown
Too hard. too hard

Find me in the background looking down
You’ll never see my face, I’m looking down

I need a place, a sanctuary
A refuge for my ordinary
Finally familiar peaceful home
Untroubled safe from all this madness
Refuge for my hope and sadness
Possible to find myself alone at home

All these cliffs and all these heights
They’ve just been too high to climb
Too high, too high
All these waves and all these seas
Have all been crashing down on me
Too much, too much

I’ve found my home again
I finally find myself in You
I finally find myself in You
I feel safe again
You’re the one I’m running to
You’re the one I’m running to


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