Lead and Follow

I really wanted to talk about being lead by the spirit. But I realize I would be skipping a couple steps. First you need a relationship with God. That means your personal prayer time, not just going to church on Sunday. Start looking and seeking Him like He is a long lost family member. Or how a man would go after a women (a Godly man of course.) How people treat there jobs as top priority. All these things but instead of family, spouse or job…. it’s God you are going after. He becomes your passion and love. You ask Him for The Holy Spirit and to help you to keep your temple (body) pure and righteousness. That will only happen when you process God. Seek the kingdom and everything else will be added. You seek Him and He will do the rest. God is always rooting for you. He wants you to know Him. So He can bless your life with His truth and His wisdom. I encourage you to go running towards God. -tsuLife Author

Take home listen:
be honest with what you are going through, ask for help.
start with one day, fast for someone else to be blessed.
get to know who God is and how to live.
to bless others that many not know Christ, show love.
He will give you a word to live out to say yes or no to.


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