Can Not Be Ignored

Hear my voice
Life is not a game, nor a competition
Underestimating the power of a voice
Never to compromise with others thoughts
For them, they wouldn’t be my own

My  voice will be heard
This voice of mine is my instrument
The air will be cut by my thoughts
Words that flow from my mouth
Will be turned into sweet fire

This voice will be heard
Echo through the walls
Into your ears like a heart beat
Will not be singled out
Can’t sit in silence anymore

You will hear me
Coming out of this as victor
My lips can’t hold the waterfall
Of pure passion for my love
To be heard and respected
-tsuLife Author

I wrote this after hearing the comments of the nah say-ers,

You can’t do this and that
This will be to hard for you
There is nothing that will come out of this
I would be nothing

I sat in the back sit with tears in my eyes, I started to write and this is what came out. I open this door to my heart, declaring that I was not going to be defeated. Even people saying that I can’t do this Christian walk. If I could I would look them in the eyes and say… “I can do this, cause I have the Lord almighty on my side. It’s Him that will pull me through, not me.” Thank God for His awesome strength that He has given me. Don’t let people get you down, cause God almighty is rooting for you. He didn’t make you to fail but to learn and be guided by Him.

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God Bless Everyone.

-tsuLife Author

(This picture was taken at Rutgers Garden, one of my favorite pictures I ever took)


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