Chipotle Un-cage

I’m happy to see a food company going back to their roots, and that they are taking the step to be different. They are no longer going to keep on caging their animals or using chemicals on them. The chemicals that most other companies have been using are harmful to the animals, and to us. With the rise of cancers in the US, it has to be in the food. Think about it, if you wouldn’t take growth hormones then why would you eat something that was pumped with it? With this change on Chipotle’s part, companies like McDonald’s may be taking the same step. Taking the right path towards being healthier and not cutting quality to make their product cheaper. Hopefully with this, there will start to be more farms opening around the US. Because many farms are like factories.

  • With cage-less animals:
    means more land + more land means more workers =
    more workers means people can support there families.

For health its worth spending a little more on better food. We only have one body, so take care of it. -tsuLife Author


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