Fighting for “The Relationship”

“But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.” -Luke 12:31

The presence of God is like thick maple syrup in the words of my brother’s description. I was at the Chicago Awakening conference of 2011, and those three day would change my life. They would change my view on God, His love, His worship, His kingdom, His purpose in my life, and the steps I would have to take when I got home. A spirit release happened in those three days. I also was changing into a new season in my life. I felt the blessing of God in all areas of my life. What amazing things God has given me. He gave me visions that I cried over, that He would be doing such big things in my life. Little old me, He had the biggest plans for me to glorify Him.

When I cam home, I was hungry for Him. So I wrapped myself in what He wanted me to do for Him. I was and am so in love with Him. The more He pours into me, the more I love Him. I just wanted to pour back into others. I got rejected most of the time. People just didn’t understand why I wanted to do some much for them. They were thinking I wanted something in return. But that was not the case, I just wanted to pour Jesus’s love onto others.

So now my eyes were fixed back onto Jesus. Wanting every moment in Him. I have been wanting to go to the prayer house up north, but since i just never have enough gas to go, I spend my time in my room with Him. Just doing anything to be close. And when He does come close, my heart is fast and my breath is shortened.

I re-watched the video of what Kim Walker-Smith said at Chicago Awakening. It brings me back to that moment. I posted all three parts, watch and you will understand. -tsuLife Author


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