What God Sees

I have been having a hard time with who I was when I first came to Christ. Everything I thought I was shatter. Without my wall and mask of what people told me who I was. I was no longer defined with my career, my clothes, my car, where I hung out and who I hung out with. I was lost and confused. I asked God who am I and what was I made for. Going through my closet of emotions of my past, that had been nothing but pain, shame, hurt, regret and emptiness. Just to sit there on the floor with everything in my hands of my past, with tears in my eyes. Just lifting it up to God “I don’t want this anymore. I want to know who I am that You have made.” My journey was very hard. Not knowing what was next for my life was really hard. My whole life I have been in control of who I wanted people to think who I was. Worrying about everything, that I was always going to fail at everything I did. I cried day in and day out. I was going through a cleansing process with my soul. At the time I had no idea what was going on. I felt in some days that I would rather die then face my problems. Now looking back about 2 years ago. I graceful for the release that I went through to get to where I am now. Thank God for all the joy and pain that I went through. He was the only one that never left my side. Being with me every step of the way. Thank God for God – tsuLife Author

You may see her in crowd, quit and shy.
Her olive skin with the floral scent of lily powered.
Soft curly dirty blonde hair in a ponytail.
As she turns and raise her eyes of deep green abyss.
She can fill a room with her laughter.
And always point out the beauty of the world.
She maybe bold one moment and then quit as a mouse.
She doesn’t need a grand entrance of the room.
Just a warm smile of the ones she love.
Her love of art is shown on paint stained clothes.
And maybe a bobby pin of two on the hem on her shirts.
She is a staple at the local coffee shop or bookstore.
Her deep thoughts of her Creator and His love.
In books or notes to find more about Him.
She always has God on her mind and prayer on her lips.
Enjoys her alone her thoughts of Him and her time in Him.
– tsuLife Author

I got this when I was driving after one of prayer times in the park and heading to Starbucks. I pulled over and start to write, cry and this is what came out. -tsuLife Author


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