How I became a Christian in 2009. I was going through a break up, when I had a former friend bring me to a game night. Hoping that my spirit would be lifted by hanging out with new people. Unaware to me that it was church cause it was held at someones house. I kept on going to the games night, then I find out it was a church. Soon later I started coming to their Sunday service. But still didn’t want to let go of my life complete to God and what the church was doing. After getting scared that I was getting in to deep with this “religion stuff”. I left and went back with my ex and started partying harder than before. After 3 to 4 months again I was just where I started in the relationship that had, I was unhappy. I just didn’t feel fulfilled with my life. Things were falling apart fast, didn’t know what to do. So one Sunday at work I was thinking about God and that church. Thinking if I could go and see what it was about. Remembering that I was happy there. As drove home not knowing if I should go home to sleep off my bad day or go to this church. As I was sitting at a light, something came over me and hearing with me ears and heart…. “it’s going to be OK”. With great peace I started to weep. As the light turned green my eyes looked up to the sky to see the most beautiful sunset . I know God was with me. I pulled into the parking lot of the church and sat in the back. I listened to my pastor and left before anyone could say anything. I have never left the church ever since that day. Everyday since then I have been reminded on the blessed life that God has set before me. I have been restored, redeemed and renewed by His love. Can’t wait for more to come.
-tsuLife Author

( Photo was taken at Long Beach Island, woke up at 4:30am to see the sunrise. 2011 )


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