How tsuPhotography Started

If people only realize the gift on their life. I know so many talent people. That let people closest to them say “you can’t do that, why would you want to that, there a million people like you, your never going to make it.” I watch day after day people ignore the amazing gift they have cause they think they are just not good enough. The one thing that I learned about a year ago is Perspective, where you view the world a little different from the next person. Just to have the understanding that you were made different to bring something to this world. That the world would not have it, if you didn’t put it out there.

When I became a photographer about two years ago. With no schooling and no college degree in anything. Just a hair license. Photography was a passion that I love doing and to make people feel good about themselves, fueled me. I started taking pictures of friends and church gatherings. I designed to take one class at FIT in Manhattan, that had no credits and was very cheap. So for four weeks I would go into the city on Saturday to take this class. The response that I would get from my teacher just blow me away. Here I’m at FIT in a class with a teacher that is a well-known photographer, asking my the last day of class to be his assistant. I sat there dumb founded. Her a girl for a little town, that was in special ed classes her whole life cause she had a reading disorder. Told that she would have never been able to go to art school. Would never become anything. I remember to this day in high school sitting in my guidance counselor crying knowing that college was not going to happen for me. So my guidance counselor just said to me “why don’t you go to hair school. It’s a form of art and if you passed your state board you can make a really good living.” So I was off to hair school, and if my friends at hair school didn’t help me everyday with the reading part I would have failed. I did end up failing the written of the State Board test 3 times. There I start doing hair for the next 6 years, unhappy wishing I was in college. By my 7th years of doing hair I was done. I just wanted to walk away from the hair business and I did. With the very little money I had left I took a non-credit course at FIT for 175 bucks. Now on my last day of class and the teacher is saying that he would like me as an assistant. Someone saw something in me that I didn’t see before. I never took the job. But I never stop myself from what I love, again.

The drive for money never made me want to do photographer. Just art form in its self, made me so happy. Now I take pictures of whatever, whoever and whenever I want. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I don’t. With no training or owning photoshop, lightroom and any other photo editing software. With no training on how to run a business. I started This Side Up Photography and never looked back.

Now I say to you what are you passionate about? What would you do for a living it you didn’t have to worry about money? Would you let your dream go another year with it being done? Write them done and make a plan this week to start….

Good Luck
tsuLife Author

( Photo was taken at Rutger’s Garden, 2011 )


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